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Trawinski Financial Group has been in business since 2011 as a top-performing independent insurance agency with over 10,000 insureds nationwide.Since 2017 we have been working with experienced Life and Disability agents to develop some of the most innovative InsurTech advancements in the insurance industry.We have combined artificial intelligence and technology to offer clients and insurance companies a way to interact with one another in an economically feasible and transparent manner.Through our advancements in InsurTech technologies,clients will become their own insurance agents and insurance carriers will have direct access to their clients in ways never imagined.

Our InsurTech Brands



Life Insurance Platform


Online Do-it-Yourself Disability Insurance Platform


Connecting Clients, Agents, and Insurance Carriers in one location

Technology isn't about the latest gadgets or apps. It's about what these things do for people. It's about bringing people together and making lives better.

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